Stay In-Touch and Attract The Ideal Client!

You have reached the right page if you are ready to take the next step and share your business and connect with potential clients. Congratulations on taking that next step! And remember! We are here to help you every step of the way. Just email with any questions or to get started!


Marketing Advice 101

SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! It’s staying top of mind.
Plan to do at least 4 issues. It’s the MESSAGE and connecting – not the size that matters.
“Reach out. Communicate. Connect.” You want them to remember you, to act on something.

Call to action:

A call-to-action is a method to motivate a prospective client to feel a sense of urgency (limited time) or make an appointment, visit your website or redeem an offer. Don’t give away – VALUE ADD. Rather than de-value your service – add to it. An extra 15 minute hand or head massage doesn’t cost you a thing and they will appreciate the added value.

Don’t stop there!

You have invested in advertising but don’t wait for the phone to start ringing – it’s just a step in many steps. If you have a good website you are laughing! Make minor investments in adspace, give them a motivator and then refer them to your website. Your website can be changed often based on the advertising you are doing. Everything you do should refer back to the website.

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