An Honorary Member is someone who has been a member of the RRCO for 20 or more continuous years. 

The RRCO Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and congratulate our current Honorary Members for their continued dedication and support of the RRCO.  Those who have provided permission to use their name are listed below.  

Congratulations to ALL of our Honorary Members!

1998 – 25 YEARS

Jacqueline Fairbrass

1999 – 24 YEARS

Elizabeth Evaneshen

Ewa Theresa Klimczak

Judith Vautour-Merifield

Lynn Sproviero

Tracey Rutledge

Conny Udri

2000 – 23 YEARS

Alice Duclos

Asuncion R. (Nancy) Garcia

Deborah E. Monteith

2001 – 22 YEARS

Michelle Smith

2002 – 21 YEARS

Donna Smith-Holst

Susan A Malley

2003 – 20 YEARS

Faye Brubacher

Karyn Shantz

Kerrie Riberby

Susan Sakowski

Tricia D. Brubacher