• Register Reflexology practitioners, teachers, educational organizations and methodologies that meet/exceed established minimum standards
  • Maintain the highest ethical standard of the profession and to the public
  • Establish Reflexology as a self-governing profession
  • Act as the unified voice for Reflexology in the Province of Ontario and Canada


  • To protect the professional identity and the right to practice Reflexology in the Province of Ontario and Canada
  • To present a strong and unified voice to lobby federal and provincial governments and private insurance companies as a profession

Erotic Body Rub Parlour and Body Rubbers:

The following is taken directly from the Municipal Act R.S.O. M45 Sect. 224:

Any kneading, manipulating, rubbing, massaging, touching or stimulating, by any means of a person’s body or part unless providing a medical or therapeutic service duly qualified, licensed or registered so to do under the laws of the province of Ontario.”

It is strongly suggested that all practicing Reflexologists obtain a copy of the Municipal Act to become fully informed. Every municipality in Ontario has the right to license you under this act.

Help send our strong and united voice to the government by supporting the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario.