April 30th, 2022

As of March 21, 2022, the mask mandate has been lifted EXCEPT for public transit, healthcare settings, long-term care homes and other congregate care settings. Masking in those venues is required until at least April 27, 2022. In the best interests of our patients and our members ,  the RCCO considers anywhere where our members provide reflexology to be a “healthcare setting” and, therefore, members should be masked, even after April 27.

It is not obligatory for your clients to be masked after April 27. Nevertheless, it is entirely appropriate for you to respectfully request that your clients be masked while in your presence and it is up to you to determine whether you wish to provide reflexology to clients who refuse to be masked. You should make your masking preferences clear ahead of the actual appointments, so that your clients are aware of them and may decide whether to proceed with their appointment and, if so, to prepare themselves accordingly.

Proof of vaccination is no longer required. Nevertheless, it is entirely appropriate for you to respectfully request that your clients disclose their vaccination status. If patients refuse to do so, or disclose that they are unvaccinated, it is up to you to determine whether you wish to provide treatment. If you decide to treat clients who are unvaccinated, you should ask them to answer the Screening Questions developed by the Ministry of Health:

Does the person have any of the following symptoms?

  • Fever and/or chills
  • New onset of cough or worsening chronic cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell
  • If adult over 18 years of age: unexplained fatigue/ / / lethargy malaise muscle aches (myalgias)
  • If child under 18 years of age, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea

Has the person tested positive for Covid19 the past 10 days or have been told they should be isolating?

If the answer to any of the foregoing questions is “yes” that constitutes a COVID-19 Screen Positive and you should not provide treatment to or otherwise engage with the client. If possible, these screening questions should be asked and answered BEFORE the appointment takes place and preferably not more than 24 hours in advance of the appointment taking place. You should retain a copy of all completed screening questionnaires in your practice files.

January 3rd, 2022

In response to recent trends that show a rapid increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, Ontario is temporarily moving into Step Two of the Roadmap to Reopen with modifications that take into account the province’s successful vaccination efforts. Please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario 


September 23rd, 2021 – to contact head office click here


July 19th, 2021
There have been no changes in the protocols since the three-step reopening strategy was implemented last year. Please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario then scroll down and read what’s required in Step #3.


July 9th, 2021
Ontario Moving to Step Three of Roadmap to Reopen on July 16


July 9th, 2021
Waterloo Region moving to Step 2 on Monday


June 29th, 2021


June 27th, 2021


May 17th, 2021


May16th, 2021



April 8th, 2021



Apr.2nd, 2021



Feb.16th, 2021



Feb.8th, 2021


The Premier, along with several of his Ministers, today announced changes to the Ontario government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To summarize:

  • The Lockdown Order will be lifted at midnight on Wednesday, February 10 for the public health regions of Hastings Prince Edward; Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington; and Renfrew County and District. These areas will move to the Green-Prevent measures. For RRCO members, this means that we may return to practise in these regions as long as we follow all of the patient screening, infection control and contact tracing requirements, including the wearing of PPEs.
  • Toronto, Peel and York Regions will remain under the Lockdown Order until February 22.
  • The remaining 28 public health units will remain under the Lockdown Order until February 16.

The precise requirements that will apply to all public health regions, except for the three that leave Lockdown on Wednesday, are not known at this time. The government is revising its response framework and has made it clear that it will reverse any relaxation of requirements (i.e. “apply an emergency brake”) on a region-by-region basis if spikes in new cases occur. The government is particularly concerned about and is carefully watching the appearance of new variants of the virus in various places across the Province.


Jan 13th, 2021

Ontario Declares Second Provincial Emergency to Address COVID-19 Crisis and Save Lives


Dec.28, 2020

RRCO Members,
If you are a regulated health professional (i.e. a registrant of one of Ontario’s 26 regulatory Colleges) then you may continue practising Reflexology.   
RRCO members who are NOT a member of one of the above colleges, may not lawfully practise Reflexology as long as the Grey-Lockdown restrictions are in place for your public health region.



Dec. 22nd, 2020

ALL OF ONTARIO IN LOCKDOWN Starting December 26th at 12:01am




Dec.12, 2020




Nov.28, 2020

Based on the latest data, the following public health regions will move from their current level in the framework to the following levels effective Monday, November 30, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.:

  • Red-Control

    • Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

  • Orange-Restrict

    • Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit.

  • Yellow-Protect

    • Hastings Prince Edward Public Health

    • Lambton Public Health; and

    • Northwestern Health Unit.


Nov.22, 2020


Nov. 20, 2020

Please read ! 

Peel Public Health and Toronto Public Health into LOCKDOWN


Nov.15, 2020

Please refer to these guidelines & your local municipalities colour :



Stage 2 Reopening Ontario:

The RRCO is not an essential business but under the new laws enacted by Ontario, our office currently remains open as our operations are fully remote and digital. Please keep your email up to date with the office and join /follow the RRCO Closed Facebook group for updates or changes to operations. Please follow the Ministry of Health guidelines: 
A Framework for Reopening Our Province

– Patient Screening Guidelines

Welcome to the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO)

The RRCO is the oldest registered organization in Canada established in March 1998. The RRCO is setting the standard for Reflexology Practitioners across Ontario and Canada.

Join the RRCO and become a Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr). RRPr is a federally recognized Reflexology designation valid throughout Canada and acknowledged by Insurance companies. The use of this mark is protected and registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

This designation signals your dedication to your profession with clients and the public in general. Other benefits include recognition by insurance companies and group insurance rate coverage for your Reflexology business. What would it take for you to join us today?

RRCO’s Mandate

  • Register Reflexology practitioners, teachers, educational organizations and methodologies that meet established minimum standards.
  • Maintain the highest educational standards for registering reflexologists.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards within the profession and to the public.
  • Establish Reflexology as a self-governing profession.
  • Act as the unified voice for Reflexology in the Province of Ontario and Canada.



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