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RRCO Members Liability Insurance – Brokerlink Newsletter 

Winter Edition

2020 was a year to appreciate what we have; 2021 is a chance for new opportunities, new memories, and new goals to conquer! BrokerLink is pleased to welcome you to the new year with our newsletter that includes: expert insurance tips, valuable insights, plus ideas and activities to enjoy through the winter.

Habits to promote happiness

A guide to help you adapt new habits into your daily lifestyle, to help you stay positive and agile, no matter what the year brings.

Winter adventure guide

Make the most of the Canadian outdoors with our winter adventure guide!

Turn off the TV to enjoy new pursuits

As fun (or relaxing) as binge watching can be, why not kick off the new year with these winter activities.

Is your car winter ready?

Arrive at your destinations safely and reduce your risk of getting into unnecessary accidents. Let us help you get your car winter ready!

Fraud prevention tips

Phone scams are a very popular ‘phishing’ activity and it’s not just the vulnerable who fall victim. Read more to learn how to protect yourself.